FRACP Paed Part 1 Intensive Two Week Course 2023 (Package Deal)

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Product Overview

This is for the Australia-based trainees who have received an offer of a place in this year’s FRACP Intensive Two Week course, either to attend in person or online and who are also taking this year’s FRACP Weekly Teaching Programme. Please note that the package deal is not offered to NZ-based trainees.

Please ensure you choose the right option above to be charged the correct amount. Please check your place of offer sent by email if you are unsure.

1) Option 1: Attending the course in person, package deal

2) Option 2: Attending the course online, package deal

 If you don’t take the Weekly Teaching Programme with the Intensive Two Week Course, you are not entitled to receive a package deal. Please use the link below instead to make a payment.

If you wish to attend the course but have missed the registration deadline, please contact the course coordinator first.

Contact Information:
FRACP Training Programme Coordinator
Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health

This training programme is organised by the Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, The University of Auckland with Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

Credit card and debit card payments will incur an additional 1.9% Convenience Fee. This will be added automatically when you make your payment. To find out more, visit the Card Payment Convenience Fee webpage. 

If you you have issued paying by card, please reach out to the administrator listed on the product page.