Body Composition Assessment - ISAK Level 1 Certification

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Product Overview

Anthropometry is the science of the measurement of the human body. While there are many different methods to measure body composition, taking physical measurements from individuals, such as skinfolds and muscle girths, still offers one of the most accurate and user friendly ways of tracking an individual’s body composition.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

Individuals from a wide variety of professions that will benefit from benefit from up their anthropometry measurement, including dietitians working in sport or public health, personal trainers working in the fitness industry, strength and conditioning coaches working with sports teams, and sport and exercise science researchers. Becoming ISAK accredited will ensure that you’re offering your clients and athletes the highest level and most accurate service.


Included as part of the course fee is your ISAK accreditation fee, 4 year ISAK membership, a training manual and equipment to use while on the course.

Please be aware all participants will be required to wear sport-related clothing for the full 3 days. The measurements require the touch and pinch of skin of fellow participants.

The post course require testing of 20 follow up participants.

Course Details:

Dates: Monday 19th November, 2018 to Wednesday 21st November, 2018, inclusive.

Venue: The University of Auckland, Clinical Skills Centre, 502-032

Cost: $120

Places are strictly limited to 14. The University of Auckland students will take preference.

Facilitator: Dr Andrea Braakhuis, ISAK Level 3 certified, Registered Dietitian.

Contact details for more information:

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