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Product Overview

Ophthalmology microsurgical laboratory courses, including EyeSi VR surgical simulator,

New Zealand National Eye Centre, University of Auckland



Course description

These courses are particularly useful for developing basic-to-advanced microsurgical skills in ophthalmic surgery for the following groups:

1. RANZCO vocational trainees in Ophthalmology
2. Pre-vocational trainees / NTRs
3. Ophthalmologists who wish refresher courses on uncommon, complex cataract surgery, e.g. capsular tear and anterior vitrectomy etc. or vitreoretinal surgical procedures.

Typically, courses will run for 1-3 days, with the intensive “Ophthalmic Microsurgery 101” three-day courses (supervised by 4-6 tutors) running three times per calendar year.

These intensive courses will be introduced with a number of tutorials by experts in the field and will include:

A) wet-lab training in the six-bench Calvin Ring Microsurgical laboratory equipped with six surgical microscopes and two phaco-machines,
B) dry-bench training on eyelid suturing techniques and basics of ophthalmic surgery instruments plus capsulorrhexis / corneal incision / basic phacoemulsification models,
C) training on the Eyesi® Surgical simulator – this is a high-end virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgery training. The Eyesi® Surgical courseware is a set of preinstalled courses, which offer training at different levels of difficulty. The Eyesi® simulator provides trainees and educators with objective assessment and detailed skill evaluation.
All courses will be run under direct supervision of an accredited trainer. The three-day 101 course option also enables the candidate to pursue self-directed (but supervised) use of the EyeSi device for up to 20 hours in the same calendar year.
Shorter courses of 0.5-2.0 days will also be supervised but can be more self-directed by those who have completed the basic 101 course or are in more advanced stages of training.

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